Firesafety certification
Certification GOST R
Custom Union

Accreditation scope

Certification body and testing laboratory PozhStandart, Ltd. is accredited for certification of the following products conformity:

Fire-retardant substances and materials

Apparatus for circuit protection:

  • Residual current devices
  • Auto-cutouts

Electric cables

Decoration and facing materials:

  • Polyvinylchlorideplates and blocks
  • Thermoplastic sheeting materials (sheets, slabs, plates, blocks)
  • Film decoration materials
  • Decoration materials for walls and ceilings, textile and glass fibre wallpapers (including decoration glass fibre fabric) and film materials on the basis of polymerization resins
  • Decoration facing and fire-resistant panels made of wood-particle and wood-fibre boards and plywood
  • Sheeting and laminated materials (except of glass-fibre plastic and electro insulating materials)
  • Profile-molded items made of polymeric materials.

Heat-insulating and soundproof materials:

  • Slag-wool products on synthetic binder, slag-wool plates
  • Slag-wool quilt mats
  • Slag-wool heat insulation
  • Slag-wool heat-insulating constructions
  • Other slag-wool heat-insulating and soundproof products
  • Non mineral heat-insulating materials and products; materials made of polyurethane foam
  • Bitumen-vermiculite, gypsum, sound-absorbing and polystyrene plates
  • Heat-insulating and soundproof plates made of glass fibre, glass wool, basaltic fibre, cellular and foamed glass
  • Mats made of glass fibre and glass wool; heat-insulating mats made of basaltic fibre.


  • Plastic, rubber poured flooring (formulation of epoxy, foamed polyurethane and other resins applied for flooring manufacture using the technique of pouring coloration) on the basis of paper and cardboard

  • Polymeric tiles

  • Linoleum (rolls and tiles)

Roofing and dump-proof materials:

  • Roll roofing and dump-proof materials (soft roofing and insulating materials)

  • Sheeting materials including bitumen, rubber-bitumen and rubber-textile sheets.

Carpets and rugs

Decoration and heat-insulating materials for rolling equipment of railway transport and underground including furniture components

Cable passages and hermetic cable inlets (materiasl, products or prefabricated elements), low voltage baslines

  • Cable passages

  • Basline passages

  • Hermetic cable inlets

Infilling of apertures of fire-prevention barriers: windows, doors, elevators doors, gates, manholes.

Fire dumpers in engineering systems of buildings and constructions (including ventilators for different purposes, pneumatic conveying systems, vacuum cleaning, waste disposal, conditioning) and for access holes protection.

Engineering system passages in buildings and constructions (including air ducts of ventilators and conditioning, passages of process ventilation systems, smoke flues, steel and ceramic stacks for smoke removal) except of engineering system passages of antismoke protection.

Smoke exhaust fans

Cable ducts and pits, wiring pits, wiring pipes for cable and insulated wires of polymeric materials placing.