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Technical documentation elaboration (Technical Standards + Safety Data Sheet)

Technical documentation elaboration (Technical Standards + Safety Data Sheet)

The certification authority “PozhStandart” assists elaboration of technical documentation. It is included tech Technical Standards + Safety Data Sheet.

Technical Standards (TS) is integral part of engineering and technological documentation where a manufacturer stipulates requirements to its product, service or technological process.

Technical Standards are elaborated upon decision of a manufacturer or customer’s request in accordance with standards GOST 2.114-95 as well as GOST R 51740-2001 and should not be contrary to the requirements and mandatory state (interstate) standards for the present type of the product.

A company has a possibility to pass certification procedure based on TS.

Besides a conclusion with regard to quality of production and good quality of products could be made based on TS.

Final TS should be registered by local standard authorities. The TS registration is carried out territorially, for example it is possible to register TS in Moscow which holder is located in Moscow (or Moscow region).

The TS writing is long and laborious process. If a manufacturer is unable to submit TS then experts of “PozhStandart” certification authority could be engage for its elaboration.

The due terms and cost of TS elaboration is determined in each specific case, depending on type of product and existing documentation.

Order of procedure:

  1. File an application by means of application form, email or telephone.

  2. Agreement of procedure order, due time and cost of works.

  3. Submission of all necessary documents.

  4. Contract conclusion / works payment under contract.

  5. Analyze of production status (if it is provided by certification procedure).

  6. Execution, issue and registration permitting documentation.

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