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Certificate of explosion protection

Certificate of explosion protection

Certificate of explosion protection ( Ех certificate, GOST R certificate with electrical equipment explosion protection) confirms conformance of equipment used in explosive atmospheres (Ex-equipment) to Explosion Protection standards.

Ех-equipment means articles applied for electric power operation, could be ignition source and its structural features are designed to prevent this risk.

Along with Ех-equipment the Ex-articles being compound element of equipment and plants are also subject of certification.

Such equipment is designed to use in explosion hazard medium therefore the Explosion Protection Certificate is obligatory required during its production. “The range of products (works) being the subject of obligatory certification provided by legal act of Russian Federation” includes all types and similar equipment.

The duration of the ATEX certificate is one year at most but there could be some exclusion stipulated by specific product character.

In order to obtain the ATEX certificate it is required to apply set of documents (different documents for different products) to an accredited body.

Order of procedure:

  1. File an application by means of application form, email or telephone.

  2. Agreement of procedure order, due time and cost of works.

  3. Submission of all necessary documents.

  4. Contract conclusion / works payment under contract.

  5. Analyze of production status (if it is provided by certification procedure).

  6. Execution, issue and registration permitting documentation.

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