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Declaration of conformity GOST R

Declaration of conformity GOST R

The fact of products conformance to the stipulated requirements provided for Obligatory Declaration of the given products is confirmed by Compliance Declaration.

The Compliance Declaration should be executed for all types of products included into “List of Products that are subject of obligatory conformity assessment in view of declaration”.

The present type of declaration is issued by accredited body based on positive results of several test executed by the accredit laboratory.

The Compliance Declaration has the same legal effect as GOST R Certification but at that GOST Certificate doesn’t substitute Compliance Declaration and vice-versa. The necessity to accept GOST R Compliance Declaration is appointed by Technical Control and Meteorology Federal Agency in “The range of Products which conformity could be verified by the Compliance Declaration”. The duration of GOST R Compliance Declaration is determined by the manufacturer (seller) on the assumption of the scheduled production term of the present products, render of certain services or consignment sell-by date. The Certification authorities could not limit a duration period of the declaration.

Order of procedure:

  • File an application by means of application form, email or telephone.

  • Agreement of procedure order, due time and cost of works.

  • Submission of all necessary documents.

  • Contract conclusion / works payment under contract.

  • Analyze of production status (if it is provided by certification procedure).

  • Execution, issue and registration permitting documentation.

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