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ROSTEHNADZOR’s permit for use

ROSTEHNADZOR’s permit for use

The present document allows enterprises to use technical devices (equipment) at hazardous production facilities in different fields of industry in the Russian Federation.

The List of Hazardous Production Facilities, their areas, sites and workshops are indicated in Attachment 1 to Federal Law on Industrial Safety of Hazardous Production Facilities No.116- FZ of July 21, 1997.

The procedure order, terms and requirements of permit issue is stipulated by “Regulation on the arrangements of permit issue for use of technical devices at Hazardous Production Facilities”. Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Atomic Supervision (Rostehnadzor) or its Territorial administrations based on Report of the Industrial Safety Examination.

The permits for technical devices of foreign production should be obtained in main office of Rostehnadzor but the obtaining procedure for foreign and Russian equipment is the same.

There several types of permits for use:

  • production model;

  • single technical equipment;

  • technical devices of Russian production;

  • technical devices of foreign production;

Rostehnadzor’s permit has almost the same status as license for production applied at Hazardous Manufacturing Entity.

  • Order of procedure:

    1. File an application by means of application form, email or telephone.

    2. Agreement of procedure order, due time and cost of works.

    3. Submission of all necessary documents.

    4. Contract conclusion / works payment under contract.

    5. Analyze of production status (if it is provided by certification procedure).

    6. Execution, issue and registration permitting documentation.

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