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Certification of ecologic management system

Certification of ecologic management system

Certificate ISO 14001 is a document confirming that a company observes the environmental protection policy. The Russian analog of the present document is GOST R ISO 14001-2007.

Certificate ISO 14001 is required to a company which activity relates to the damage risk to the environment.

The international standard of environmental management was developed to decrease adverse effect on environment. Upon adoption of international standards the production process undergoes detail monitoring of each stage resulting in more reasonable use of power, raw material and labor resources.

At the present time the environmental management system presence at an enterprise becomes almost obligatory provision for business activity at the international level. The present certificate gives priority in a deal arrangement, tender participation and makes the enterprise more competitive in a whole.

The main advantages of ISO 14001 certificate possession for a company:

  • increase probability of credit receipt or insurance on more profitable conditions;

  • gain additional advantage upon participation in tenders and conclusion of subcontracts;

  • simplify the obtaining procedure for various permissions and licenses;

  • favor good name of the company with regard to clients and partners and other interested parties;

  • increase company capitalization.

  • Order of procedure:

    • File an application by means of application form, email or telephone.

    • Agreement of procedure order, due time and cost of works.

    • Submission of all necessary documents.

    • Contract conclusion / works payment under contract.

    • Analyze of production status (if it is provided by certification procedure).

    • Execution, issue and registration permitting documentation.

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